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Like the name says, this website gathered together a great collection of headboards for beds for all tastes and budgets. If you are looking for upholstered headboards, tufted, fabric, metal, wrought iron, wood, whicker, bookcase storage, in whatever size, king, queen, full size or twin, colorful or not, by following our recommendations, you will definitely find what you are looking for. Click on the bed headboards categories you are interested in, located in the left side.

Reclaimed Wood Headboards are Rustic yet Sophisticated

Using reclaimed wood is in vogue these days. Whether you use it to make a reclaimed wood headboard, dining table, coffee table, or any other piece of furniture in your home, it will give the piece a special feel and look. This type of material comes with a history that is built into it, it is also something that you can feel good about using. It is eco-friendly. By reusing wood, you are keeping it from being tossed into the trash. You are taking something that is no longer cared about and turning it into something functional, stylish, and stunning. Continue reading »

Create the Perfect Get-Away Bedroom with a Rustic Style of Decorating

When decorating a bedroom that is to be your retreat, natural materials will create a warm and balanced feeling. Resembling nature, wooden headboards, driftwood lamps and natural fiber bed coverings will bring a little of the outdoors into your home. At the end of a long day, when you want to relax and unwind, a sanctuary is what you want to settle into. There are a number of key elements that will help you create that get-away feeling or romantic hide-away. Using the bed as your starting point and moving onto other pieces of furniture, you can decorate a bedroom that will create a warm and inviting environment. Continue reading »

The Choices for a California King Headboard are Virtually Unlimited

Many people, particularly when they first realize that they need a larger bed than the full or queen sized bed that they’ve been sleeping in, are surprised to learn that king beds actually come in two sizes: regular, or Eastern King size, and California, or Western King size. So what exactly is the difference between the two?

The difference is in the width versus the length. The Eastern King bed’s dimensions are 76″ W x 80″ L. The cal king’s dimensions are 72″ W x 84″ L. There is an extra four inches in play here, and the first bed puts them in the width of the mattress whereas the second puts them in the length. Which is better? It’s really a matter of personal preference, but generally speaking, the people who opt for the latter tend to either be on the taller side, or else want the longer bed because it fits the available space in their bedroom better than would the wider bed. Continue reading »

Tips for Buying Black Headboards

Black bedroom furniture became popular in the 1980’s when people decided that they wanted sleek and elegant over cozy and comforting. Everyone knows that colors, styles, and types of interior decoration change over time, so it’s best to go with a classic style that never goes out of style itself. What better way to do that than with a black bedroom suit with a black headboard at the center. Of course, you want your headboard to be the focal point of the entire room, so you will want to choose carefully from your choices. Continue reading »

Tips for Choosing the Best Storage Headboard

Having the room to store things is a constant challenge, and one that will have you pulling your hair out if you live in a small place. Bedrooms in small homes are horrible for not having enough closet space, and if the bedroom is small, you can’t fit a huge dresser into it and still walk around. Luckily there are options out there, such as a storage headboard that will help you to maximize the little bit of space you have to work with. Below you will find some hints on how to find the bed to suit your needs in a small room. Continue reading »

Considerations for Finding and Purchasing a Wingback Headboard

You don’t have to be an interior decorator to know about wingback chairs. These chairs have been around for hundreds of years and they offer a comfort as well as the look that has been sought after by many people. It’s one of the reasons why this type of chair has survived as long as it has and has seen so many different incarnations depending on the particular style that is popular in interior design. However, there is a new type of wingback design that has become extremely popular as well and it’s known as the wingback headboard. Continue reading »

Wood Headboards

Solid wood headboards can be harmonized with other bedroom furniture in similar woods. Some wood headboard models are supposed to look antique particularly when they consist of curvy profiles, curving lines and carved ornamental details, but can be obtained completely new. Using such a headboard you can offer a vintage look to your bedroom. Even though there are many other types of headboards like upholstered headboards, metal, seagrass and so on, this conventional headboard is still in fashion today because the design can be customized by skilled craftsmen, giving them a look that simply cannot be compared with others. Continue reading »

Twin Headboards

Twin headboard is an excellent approach to refresh a bedroom given that they can add beautiful colors to a dull design making it attractive and charming. The bed is often the centerpiece of the room, therefore it is a good idea to highlight it more with the help of a proper headboard which must match the entire style of the bedroom. This type of furniture is the perfect addition to any child’s bedroom as well as to any young bachelor or young at heart adult person. Continue reading »

White Headboards

White headboard is particularly valuable in opposition to a contrasting wall color, whether or not painted in vibrant or even refined shades. This type of headboard is available in all sizes. The white color of the headboard provides a fresh, pure and chic perception. It adds to the comfy, natural and relaxing ambiance anyone longs for. White headboards make an exciting element within the bedroom, and looks great alongside a dark colored wall. The creative graphics on it will prove to add to the sensation of a contemporary or sophisticated overall appearance. Continue reading »